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If you’ve never been to a parish council meeting before, you may be forgiven for thinking that parish councillors are a group of elderly people who meet now and then for a chinwag in a draughty village hall.

If we forget to put the heating on, Caythorpe War Memorial hall can be a touch chilly, and we might concede there’s sometimes a touch of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ about us, but we draw the line at ‘elderly’ – the only age constraint is that Parish Councillors must be at least 18 years-old!

When people in the community need support and guidance, it is often the parish council that they turn to. Amongst other things, we co-ordinate local flood resilience plans and the neighbourhood watch. We organise the planting of trees and flowers to improve the appearance of Caythorpe, and we organise village ‘tidy ups’ to maintain the beauty of our village. We consider planning applications within the village, and we badger the County Council to grit our roads when it’s icy…in short, we try at all times to fight the corner of our small village and its residents.

Caythorpe Parish Councillors are:

Julia Cons (Chair):

‘I’ve lived in Caythorpe since 1994 and I love it here. I became a Parish Councillor because I believe that I can’t expect other people to take responsibility for our surroundings if I don’t take some myself, and that if we don’t look after our own village, we can’t be sure someone else will.’

Chris Boon:

Although  only some eight miles from Nottingham city centre , Caythorpe is a small and attractive rural community in which the parish council plays an important part , helping to ensure that the area retains it's unique identity . I first moved here with a young family nearly 34 years ago and have lived at ' both ends 'of the village . Certainly there have been some changes , street lighting , a gas supply and some new housing  just to name a few but nevertheless , Caythorpe remains a wonderful place to live in !

Peter Duff:

 I moved to Caythorpe over 10 years ago to find some space and tranquility in a community atmosphere and found it!  I joined the Parish Council to be able to help support the village by using any skills that might be useful whilst at the same time able to get to know more people in the village.  The meetings whilst formal are also very enjoyable with fellow supportive councillors.  The only problem is that legally we can't meetin the pub!

Paul King:

I am a new arrival in Caythorpe, having moved here in March 2016.  I had lived in the Nottingham area for over 25 years but was ready for a change, and intended moving somewhere much further afield. But then we stumbled across Caythorpe and were smitten - why go any further we thought?  I was hesitant about joining the Parish Council so soon after arriving, but on reflection thought what better way to get involved in village life and maybe do some good.  I’ve been impressed with my fellow Councillors’ enthusiasm and desire to do what is best for Caythorpe and, going forward, I hope I can match their passion and love for this village.